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Aage Buch-Larsen

--- 1972 DM

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Type: Ford Escort RS
Driver: Aage Buch-Larsen
Race: 1972 DM - (7 races)
Result: Number 4 - (9 points)


Aage Buch-Larsen got a good start in the fight for the Danish Championship in 1972 as he won the first race of the year. But that was (almost) it. It turned into a dreadfull year where he only was able to finish one more race.

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Manufacturer: ---
Model ID: ---

The model is a hand-built of unknown origin. A minor detail is not correct at the model. The model is a right-hand-drive Escort, but Aage Buch-Larsen drove a left-hand-drive car. © 2007