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Bastian Buus

--- 2021 Spa 24H

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Type: Porsche 911 GT3 R
Drivers: Bastian Buus, Julien Apotheloz, Lars Kern, Arno Santamato
Race: 2021 24 Hours of Spa
Result: Number 27 general - Number 9 in Silver class


The 24 hour race a Spa in 2021 was - as usual - a though task. The infamous sudden weather changes so typical for the Belgian track played a huge role in the race and made it extremely hard for the drivers.

Bastian Buus had never participated in a 24 hour race previously and neither had his team - Allied Racing. Thus they faced a huge challenge, but Bastian and the team did well in keeping the expectations at a basic level. The goal was to get the car through all 24 hours and they succeeded. Bastian did more of the driving than expected as the team was reduced to 3 drivers after a few hours when french driver Arno Santamato withdrew from the race. This gave Bastian almost 8 hours at the wheel and he gained a lot of experience.

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Manufacturer: Spark
Model ID: SB452 © 2007