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Henning Henriksen

--- 1963 Monte Carlo

--- 1965 Monte Carlo

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Henning Henriksen - Rallye Nordland 1965

Birthday: 1932

Henning Henriksen was active in motorsport during the 1960's - supplied with a few years from the 50's and the 70's.

He began his motorsport career in 1958 doing road rallies, but he soon graduated to stage rallying. He was driving himself and he was quite skilled, which was proven in 1964 when he won two Danish Championships. The road rallying Championship and the stage rallying Championship. He is the only driver ever to have won the two championships in the same year. In both cases he had Henning Kobberø Hansen as his codriver.

When participating in large, international rallies - primarily Rallye Monte Carlo - Henning Henriksen himself acted as codriver for Jens Nielsen. The pair did the Rallye Monte Carlo 10 times together.

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