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Henrik Spellerberg

--- 2003 GTP Trophy

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Henrik Spellerberg - DTC 2002

Birthday: 28-7-1946

Henrik Spellerberg was a big name in danish motorsport in the 1970's where he arrived almost out of nothing in 1974. Earlier experience was limited to a few years in karting, where he became Danish Champion as early as 1964 and 1965, followed by some years as a race mechanic. Thus it was relatively late - 28 years old - he had his debut in a Formula Ford. When the year ended the novice was Danish Champion and he was also celebrated as "Driver of the Year" in 1974.

In 1975 he raised his game and entered the Danish Championship in Formula 3. At that time Formula 3 was the first step of the ladder into international racing and it required a serious amount of money - just as it does today. Money was a hard thing to get by for a young danish driver and after a few years running in Formula 3 on a shoestring budget, Henrik Spellerberg dissapeared from the racetracks in the late 70's.

Since then he has occasionally driven some races. Latest in the Danish Touringcar Championship in 2002 and in some GTP Trophy races together with Lars-Erik Nielsen in 2003.

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