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Jens Christian Anker

--- 2000 Rally Monte Carlo

--- 2001 Rally Corte Ingles

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Type: Toyota Corolla WRC
Drivers: Henrik Lundgaard, Jens Christian Anker
Race: 2000 Rally Monte Carlo
Result: Retired


Henrik Lundgaard and Jens Christian Anker was a surprise at the first stage of the rally as they set the 7th fastest time of all. But this was as good as it got. The rally soon turned into a frustrating event due to several technical problems with their Corolla.

At stage 13 it all came to an end when they hit a patch of ice and went off the road. Several other cars had been off the road at the same spot and they had left some rocks one of which Henrik hit. This broke the front suspension and they could go no further.

The Kit »

Manufacturer: Racing43
Model ID: R.K.279

The instructions at the photo shows start number 20, but the kit also contains decals to build start number 19 - the car of Henrik Lundgaard and Jens Christian Anker. © 2007