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Jens Nielsen

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Jens Nielsen

Birthday: __-3-1918

Jens Nielsen's motorsport career took its start back in 1938, where he begun racing a motorbike. He drove trials and hillclimbs but the Second World War put his racing on standby. After the war he jumped on the bike again and competed in speedway and moto-cross. 3 times he was a part of the Danish World Championship team in moto-cross.

During the 1950's Jens Nielsen took up rallying in cars. Quickly he was attracted to the big international rallies and in 1961 he participated in Rallye Monte Carlo for the first time. During the years Jens Nielsen participated in the Rallye Monte Carlo no less than 28 times. In 1992 he made his last start in the rally - at the age of 73! His best result - in his own opinion - came in 1976, when he won the old-boys class. By coincidence 1976 was the last year the old-boys category was a part of the Rallye Monte Carlo.

Jens Nielsen was also succesfull outside the Rallye Monte Carlo. He was Danish Rally Champion in 1968 and 1972 and he won the international Rallye Baltic no less than 4 times (1967, 1968, 1970 and 1971).

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