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Karsten Richardt

--- 1993 Monte Carlo

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Birthday: 29-11-1947

Karsten Richardt debuted in rallies in the early 60's and stayed in rallying for almost 40 years - primarily as codriver, but late in his career also as a driver.

He was crowned as Danish Champion twice. First together with Erik Berth and later with Holger Helle with whom he drove for many years. He has also participated in many WRC- and ERC-rallies.

In the mid 90's he wanted to drive himself and bought a Sierra Cosworth he and Holger Helle had been rallying. As a driver Karsten Richardt was also among the fastest and during the late 90's he drove Danish Championship rallies - winning his class in quite a few, but never becoming champion - together with a few international rallies.

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