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Michelle Gatting

--- 2019 Le Mans

--- 2020 Le Mans

--- 2021 Le Mans

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Type: Ferrari 488 GTE Evo
Drivers: Michelle Gatting, Sarah Bovy, Rahel Frey
Race: 2020 24h Le Mans
Result: Number 36 general - Number 9 in GTEAm


Michelle Gatting was driving for the Iron Lynx team at Le Mans in 2021 and for the 3rd year in a row she was a part of an all-female driver setup. This was not the only thing, that happened for the 3rd time because at the finish the team ended up as 9th in the GTE Am....for the 3rd year in a row. Michelle stated afterwards that now she was fed up with being 9th.

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Manufacturer: LookSmart
Model ID: LSLM132 © 2007