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Mikkel Mac

--- 2016 Le Mans

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Mikkel Mac - Le Mans 2016
Foto: Morten Alstrup

Birthday: 18-12-1992

Mikkel Mac began as so many others his career in karts. In 2008 he won a Danish Championship before he in 2009 switched to single seaters.

He rose quickly through the ranks and drove a year in Formula 2 in 2011 - finishing 11th in the championship. After this his career stalled for a while and the drove in various classes such as DTC in Denmark until he in 2014 again had a serious look at racing abroad. This time in sportscars with the Danish team, Formula Racing.

Formula Racing succeeded in the ELMS winning the championship in 2015 and secured a start in Le Mans 2016. The race at Le Mans is - until now - the peak of Mikkel Macs career. He has again returned to Denmark where he recently has com second in the Super GT championship in 2020.

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