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Christoffer Nygaard

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Type: Aston Martin Vantage GTE
Drivers: Christoffer Nygaard, Allan Simonsen, Kristian Poulsen
Race: 2013 24h Le Mans
Result: Retired


Le Mans 2013 did not run for long before the tragedy that would cast a shadow over the race happened.

Everything had looked rosy before the race. The 'Danish' Aston Martin driven by Allan Simonsen, Christoffer Nygaard and Kristian Poulsen was fastest in qualifying and clearly among the favourites for a GTEAm victory.

Allan Simonsen immediately took the lead in the class and began building a gap, but only 9 minutes into the race he lost the car when approaching the Mulsanne straight and he hit the barriers at a place where a huge tree behind the barriers prevented any softening of the impact.

For an agonising long time there was no news about his condition, but after almost two hours the worst was confirmed - Allan Simonsen had died from his injuries.

The Model »

Manufacturer: Spark
Model ID: S3784

For some unknown reason the model does not have the drivernames at the roof, when you buy it. However, a small plastic bag under the plinth contains a small decalsheet with the names so that you are able to finish the model yourself. This has been done at the picture of my model. © 2007