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Christoffer Nygaard

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--- 2010 Le Mans

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Type: Aston Martin Vantage V8
Drivers: Christoffer Nygaard, Paul Dalla Lana, Pedro Lamy
Race: 2014 24h Le Mans
Result: Number 26 general - Number 6 in GTEAm


For a long time it looked really good for Christoffer Nygaard and his team in Le Mans 2014. They qualified second in class and a few hours into the race they took the lead.

But in racing the unexpected is waiting just arround the corner. After leading the class for 86 consecutive laps the car entered the pit with smoke pouring out from the bonnet. The power steering had failed and the repair took a long time.

Any hope of a podium was now long gone and the team finished in 6th place.

The Model »

Manufacturer: Spark
Model ID: S4239

For some unknown reason the model does not have the drivernames at the roof, when you buy it. However, a small plastic bag under the plinth contains a small decalsheet with the names so that you are able to finish the model yourself. This has been done at the picture of my model. © 2007