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David Heinemeier Hansson

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Type: Oreca 07 Gibson
Drivers: David Heinemeier Hansson, Nelson Piquet Jr, Mathias Beche
Race: 2017 24h Le Mans
Result: Disqualified (Number 3 general - Number 2 in LMP2


David Heinemeier Hansson and his team had huge attention from the media and the fans at Le Mans 2017. Both for good and bad reasons.

The attention began already before a wheel had been turned at the track. The team livery resembled a 'Vaillante' racer. All true Le Mans fans knows the legendary Vaillante team and its famous driver, Michel Vaillante. OK - it is a team from a cartoon, but the cartoon is centered arround motor racing and it has a huge fan following, which of course created quite a stir arround David Heinemeier Hanssons team.

The race turned into a drama that was the plot of a cartoon worthy. The team had an excellent race - although they were fighting minor problems as having difficulties starting the car after each pitstop. However they fought their way to 2nd in class and - quiet extraordinar - 3rd in general. This result meant that David Heinemeier Hanssons got to visit the podium twice.

But then the backlash. The problem with the starter had been solved by making a hole in the bodywork allowing access to the starter without having to remove the rear part of the car. This was deemed as an illegal change of the car and thus the team was disqualified. Again huge media attention and discussions but the verdict stood.

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Manufacturer: Spark
Model ID: S5806 © 2007