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Dennis Lind - Barcelona 2019
Foto: Henning Smed Madsen

Birthday: 3-2-1993

Dennis Lind served his younger years in karts before he entered 'real' cars in 2008. His debut in Formula Ford created much attention - mainly because he is the cousin of Kevin Magnussen. Already in 2008 Kevin was regarded as an up-and-coming Formula 1 driver (at least in Denmark) and he entered Formula Ford together with Dennis Lind. Racing his cousin put the spotlight at Dennis Lind as well. The fight between the two was much closer than most expected, but 2008 ended with Magnussen as the champion and Dennis Lind as runner up.

However, Dennis won the Nordic Championship in 2008 and in 2009 it was him, who won the Danish Championship. His Formula Ford years was finished off in 2010 where he won the Formula Ford Festival at Brands Hatch and thus was unofficial World Champion in Formula Ford.

An attempt at racing abroad came to nothing due to a very tight budget and in 2012 he was back in Denmark. This time in the Danish Thundersport Championship, which was the main Danish Championship in those days. It was a championship for huge american spaceframe cars and these suited Dennis Lind perfectly. He came second in the Championship in 2012 and won it in 2013.

Back to racing abroad - and again it fizzled out. So in 2015 he was back in DTC and again he was one of the leading drivers. His duel with his uncle, the former F1-driver Jan Magnussen, at Ring Djursland was legendary and luckily it is available at YouTube here - Click for YouTube video

2016 began with some controversy. Out of nothing an opportunity to race Lamborghini abroad presented itself - but the schedule could not fit into his DTC-campaign. This lead to a very public break with his DTC-team, but it later became clear that the decision to leave Denmark behind was the right one. The year ended with Dennis Lind as Lamborghini Super Trofeo champion.

This finally opened the door to international racing and Dennis Lind was for some years driving for Lamborghini in various GT-championships. He won the Blancpain GT Asia Championship in 2018, but after 2020 he was again a free agent. By now he had a name in GT-racing and he continued in British GT, where he won the championship in 2021.

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