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Heidi Knudsen

--- 2019 DM

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Type: Peugeot 208 R2
Drivers: Rasmus Sørensen, Heidi Knudsen
Race: 2019 Danish Rally Championship (6 rallies)
Result: Number 5 in Danish Superrally (219 points) - number 1 in R2 Superrally cup (148 points) - number 1n DM class 4 (132 points)


Rasmus Sørensen and Heidi Knudsen participated in all of the Danish Championship rallies in their Peugeot 208 R2 and they were so dominant in the R2 category, that they won the championship despite having to retire in one of the rallies.

Their general results during the year were also good enough for a position among the best in the overall championship despite the Peugeot only being a 2WD car.

The Model »

Manufacturer: IXO
Model ID: ---

The model shows the Peugeot as it looked in Rally Kjellerup, where Rasmus and Heidi won class 4 and came 7th overall. The model is an IXO which has been redecorated with specially made decals. © 2007