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Heidi Knudsen

--- 2019 DM

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Heidi Knudsen - DM5 Hjøllund 2018
Foto: Jokum Tord Larsen

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In the 00s and 10s, Heidi Knudsen established herself as a highly competent codriver in Danish rally. Primarily with first Martin Knudsen and later Rasmus Sørensen. The culmination was 3 Danish championships in R2 in a row together with the latter.

Heidi was also known as a mood bomb and especially together with Rasmus Sørensen, the two became known within Danish rally circles as a team, where it was also worth watching inboard videos from the car between the stages. The two had a party when they were at a rally and were a good example that you can have fun while competing at a high level.

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