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Jens Winther

--- 1972 DM

--- 1983 Le Mans

--- 1984 Le Mans

--- 1985 Le Mans

--- 1986 Le Mans

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Type: BMW 2800 CS
Driver: Jens Winther
Race: 1972 DM - (7 races)
Result: Number 2 - (16 points)


Jens Winther had some stiff competition in the Danish Championship in 1972. As the reigning champion he was always among the front runners, but Erik Høyer in an Escort was uncatchable. However, a string of second places did secure second in the championship.

The Model »

Manufacturer: Trofeu
Model ID: RRDK01

Trofeu sells this model as a model of the 1971-car. But in 1971 Jens Winther drove with start number 403 and his car did not wear the green/red Castrol stripes. The livery and start number belongs to 1972 - where Jens Winther drove the same car. © 2007