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Jens Winther

--- 1972 DM

--- 1983 Le Mans

--- 1984 Le Mans

--- 1985 Le Mans

--- 1986 Le Mans

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Type: URD C83 - BMW
Drivers: Jens Winther, Lars Viggo Jensen, David Mercer
Race: 1986 24h Le Mans
Result: Number 11 general - Number 2 in C2


This car is a part of danish motorsport history! It was in this car a Dane finally saw the chequered flag at LeMans. And to make it even better it was not only one Dane, because two of the drivers in the car were Danish. And finally - The team behind the car was also Danish!

Number 11 overall was in itself a very good result for the Danish privateers. But in the C2-category the Danes ended up as second, so at their first finish at LeMans they even earned a place at the podium.

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Manufacturer: MiniRacing
Model ID: 0128

The kit can be built as the racer from LeMans 1985 and LeMans 1986. © 2007