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Kris Nissen

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Kris Nissen - 2006

Birthday: 20-7-1960

Kris Nissen's motorsport career began in karts. Here he won 2 Danish Championships in 1976 and 1977 before graduating to cars.

He debuted in Formula 2000 but it would last 4 years before he again won a championship. This he did in 1982, winning the Danish Championship in Formula 2000, but it is worth mentioning that the year before he very nearly won the European Championship, but ended up second.

He continued in Formula 3 but again some years passed before he established himself in the sharp end of the field. It happened in 1985 when he came second in the German Formula 3 Championship and he finished the work the following year winning the championship.

Next step at the ladder was group C in a Porsche 962, but Kris Nissen was also knocking at the door to Formula 1 testing for the Zakspeed team. But all came to nothing when Kris Nissen - shortly after finishing 8th at Le Mans in 1988 - crashed during a sportscar race at the Fuji racetrack in Japan in his Porsche 962. The car burst into flames and Kris Nissen was very seriously burnt. For a while he hung between life and death, but he recovered slowly.

Everybody reckoned that Kris Nissen career was over but already in 1989 he was back behind the wheel to test if he still was able to drive. The test went well and he was on his way back to the racetracks. He found a seat in the german DTM-series and from 1989-2003 he has competed in various touring car series in Germany. The best result was a 7th place in the DTM Championship in 1994 and a victory (1991) and 3 second places (1990, 1997 and 2003) in the 24 hours race at the Nürburgring.

Since 1996 Kris Nissen has driven cars from the Volkswagen concern and he has during the years involved himself in organizing motorsports campaigns for Volkswagen. In 2003 he became manager for Volkswagen Motorsport and is responsible for Volkswagen's participation in the Paris-Dakar.

In 2017 Kris Nissen surprised many with a comeback driving in the Danish DTC-championship. He drove for two seasons, but without challenging seriously for the championship.

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