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Kristian Poulsen - 2019
Foto: Jokum Tord Larsen

Birthday: 18-11-1975

Kristian Poulsen has never been afraid to try something new in his motorsport career. He began in go-karts when he was 10 years old and as soon as he turned 18 years he switched to cars but - unlike the vast majority of go-kart racers - it was the rally sport that attracted Kristian.

Within a few years he was rallying cars like the Toyota Celica GT-4, Ford Escort WRC and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo in the top of Danish rally and he also participated in selected European Championship and World Championship rallies. He did not manage to clinch a Danish Championship in rally, but came very close to a German Championship in 2006 where he finished second in the Deutsche Rallye Series in a Toyota Corolla WRC.

Afterwards he again changed path and entered his own team in the Danish Touringcar Championship for 2007. The shift from being alone on the road to having 20 other cars around caused Kristian some problems in the first year, but in 2008 it went better and he managed to win a race at Sturup Raceway.

During 2008, Kristian Poulsen also tried racing at international level when he participated in selected WTCC- and ETCC-races and in 2009 he entered the WTCC for a full season. Simultaneously, he also found time for his debut in the Le Mans 24-hour race. And what a debut - Kristian was in the winning car in the LMP2 class.

In 2010, Kristian Poulsen became one of the frontrunners among the independent drivers in the WTCC and a strong finish rewarded him with 3rd place in the Independent cup. This was topped in 2011 where he won the Independent cup.

A return to Le Mans had a class victory (GTE Am - Aston Martin) in 2014 as the top result.

After 2015 Kristian Poulsen has returned to his rallying roots. He is frequently participating - and winning - Danish rallies and the also participates in classic rallies in a Toyota Corolla WRC.

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