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Lars Viggo Jensen - Jyllands Ringen 1967

Birthday: 19-8-1945

Lars-Viggo Jensen initiated his motorsport career in 1968 in an Austin Cooper. Han stayed in touringcars until he during a few years drove single-seaters. In 1974 he came third in the Danish Championship in Formula Ford before he finished his Formula career in Formula 3 in 1975.

Then he changed path to rallying, where he from 1979 and onwards acted as codriver for Jens Winther in international rallying. The pair peaked in 1980 winning the Tour d'Europe.

When Jens Winther changed from rallying to long distance sportscar racing Lars Viggo Jensen followed him and drove European and World Championship races in a BMW M1.

Lars Viggo Jensen is also a driver in the team Jens Winther enters for Le Mans in 1984 as the first danish team at Le Mans. This race became the beginning of the end of his racing career. During the race he has a very uncomfortable experience when he is a close witness to a serious accident that claims the life of an official.

After this experience Lars-Viggo Jensen quits motor racing but he is persuaded to a comeback by Jens Winther for the 1986 race at Le Mans. This year there is a huge accident at the Mulsanne straight. A car leaves the track, hits a house and both the house and the car catch fire. The driver is trapped in the car and is killed. The other drivers have to pass the accident for several laps while officials are trying to rescue the driver. Ufortunately this happens while Lars-Viggo Jensen is driving and this time he quits racing imediately. When he arrives in the pit he leaves the car and has - as far as I know - not driven a racecar since.

A sad end at a career which left him as a part of the first danish team running - and finishing - at Le Mans.

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