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Mikkel Jensen

--- 2018 ADAC GT

--- 2019 Spa 24H

--- 2019 Nürburgring

--- 2020 Le Mans

--- 2020 Nürburgring

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Type: BMW M6 GT3
Drivers: Mikkel Jensen, Christian Krognes, Jordan Pepper, David Pittard
Race: 2020 24H Nürburgring
Result: Number 12


As so often the 24 hour race at Nürburgring was hit by heavy rain in 2020. And rain was certainly not at the agenda for Mikkel Jensens team.

They knew, that they did not have enough speed at a wet track and when the rain increased and the race was supsended for 9 hours, all hope was gone.

The team finished at 12th place - a very disappointing result.

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Manufacturer: Spark
Model ID: SG691 © 2007