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--- 2019 DM

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Rasmus Sørensen - DM2 Stoholm 2021
Foto: Jokum Tord Larsen

Birthday: 28-5-1987

Rasmus Sørensen can't deny that he was influenced by rallying throughout his childhood. His father - Jens Åge Sørensen - was one of the well-known names on the Danish rally scene in the 80s and 90s.

It turned out that Rasmus also had a talent for steering a car quickly through the forest. His breakthrough came when he acquired a Peugeot 208 R2, with which he became the man to beat in the R2 category in Denmark. This resulted in 3 Danish championships in a row.

But like for so many others, the economy became an obstacle and after the faithful Peugeot was sold, Rasmus has only been seen sporadically at the stages.

But even though the economy has been tight, the mood has never failed and especially together with Heidi Knudsen, the two became known within Danish rally circles as a team, where it was also worth watching inboard videos from the car between the stages. The two had a party when they were at a rally and were a good example that you can have fun while competing at a high level.

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