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Nicklas Nielsen

--- 2017 Ferrari Challenge

--- 2020 Le Mans

--- 2020 Spa 24H

--- 2021 Le Mans

--- 2021 Spa 24H

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Type: Ferrari 488 GTE Evo
Drivers: Nicklas Nielsen, Alessio Rovera, Francois Perrodo
Race: 2021 24h Le Mans
Result: Number 25 general - Number 1 in GTEAm


Le Mans 24h 2021 was a huge triumph for Nicklas Nielsen. The team qualified in the middle of the GTEAm class of 23 cars, but at once he drove up through the field and could pass the car on to his teammates as the leader of GTEAm. From then on, the team did not look back and they won the GTEAm class.

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Manufacturer: LookSmart
Model ID: LSLM131 © 2007