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Nicklas Nielsen

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Nicklas Nielsen - Le Mans 2022
Foto: Morten Alstrup

Birthday: 6-2-1997

Nicklas Nielsen has something in common with Ross Brawn. Both drove in slotcar competitions when they were kids. Even at this - very early - stage Nicklas stood out. Even if he was so small, that he had to stand at a chair to be able to see the track, he drove against adult racers and he impressed all being able to focus intensly at the small car and drive lap after lap without crashing - but still being very fast. None of the other 7-8 years old kids were able to do the same.

The slotracing helped develope focus and ability to withstand pressure - but of course he had to graduate to karts to learn racecraft. He quickly won several Danish Championships and in races outside of Denmark he also made his mark. He won many races, but did not quite succeed in winning an European or World Championship. This was not always his own fault, though, and let us just say, that Max Verstappen does not have many Danish fans among those, who remember these years.

Switching to cars Nicklas Nielsen carreer stalled a bit. Having a tight budget it was hard to find the right class to show his talent. An opportunity arose in 2017 where Nicklas was offered a drive in a Ferrari Challenge race for a Danish team. He was dominant at the event and this led him to drive the whole 2018 Ferrari Challenge Europe series for the team. Again he was dominant during the year - was at the podium in all races, won 10 out of 14 and - of course - he secured the championship.

He had now caught the attention of Ferrari and he has since been racing Ferraris in GT championships with WEC and LeMans as the target.

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