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Aage Buch-Larsen - 1973
Foto: Morten Alstrups arkiv

Birthday: 6-6-1940

Aage Buch-Larsen was during 10 years one of the major actors in Danish racing. It all began in a Volkswagen at Roskilde Ring in 1961, but it was not until 1964 he really made his mark among the fastest drivers. He had tried several different cars, but in 1964 he became a Ford driver and he stayed with that brand for the rest of his career.

He won the Danish Championship 4 times. In 1965 and '67 in a Ford Cortina and in '69-'70 in a Ford Escort. During these years he also participated several times in the Rallye Monte Carlo. Without much success, but it says something about his versatility.

He could have won a 5th Danish Championship in 1973, but that year was marred by some (too) hard racing and a lot of protests. The championship was not decided until long after the track action had stopped and even if Aage Buch-Larsen for some time could claim, he was the champion, the final decisions went against him.

After 1973 he chose to retire from driving, but he did not leave motorsport behind. Instead he became involved in organisatorial work and was for many years chairman of his club, member of the board in the Danish Automobile Union and - not least - as a steward at races.

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