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Links » everything about model cars. Well, not quite - I have only put up a few links that I have found of use.


Without the help of some of my friends this homepage had never existed.

Thanks to:Morten Alstrup - for helping with pictures and driver data. Morten is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to danish motorsport.
www.alstrup.nuMorten Alstrups homepage. edited by Morten Alstrup.

Thanks to:Klaus Nielsen - for supplying me with models. Klaus is himself a dedicated collector and has good contacts to help locating rare models.
www.midhobby.dkKlaus Nielsen owns MID Hobby in Viborg, Denmark.

Other collectors of racecars driven by danish drivers:

www.duxen.dkA huge collection of danish racecars. His homepage does also show pictures of cars that he has not got hold of - yet. Here you can really see which cars you miss in your own collection.
www.modelbil.nuA large car collection - containing many danish racecars.
24h-le-mans.dkA homepage for the Le Mans 24 Hours race. But under the menu "Historie" a collection of Le Mans racecars driven by danes is displayed.


Vitesse groupVitesse group owned the brands Onyx and Quartzo. They stoppe releasing models some years ago but the homepage still exists and it seems as if a new owner has taken over and plans to release new models.
Red Line 
Provence MiniaturesKits - but they also make handbuilt models.


Provence MiniaturesFormerly known as Provence Moulage. The brand "Starter" is also a part of Provence Miniatures.
BBRFerraris, Ferraris.....and a bit more.
Racing 43Large selection of rallycars. They also offers many spare parts (rims, seats, etc).
Scala 43 
Competition 43 

Where do I buy models?

Lots of internet sites offer 1:43 models. I have chosen only to show links from stores I have used - and have been satisfied with!

MID HobbyMy main supplier. His store is located in Viborg, Denmark, and Klaus is always ready for a good chat about danish race drivers and their cars.
Magnussen Racing ShopThe store is specialized in Jan Magnussen fan items, but they also have a good selection of model cars. Sometimes they offer converted models made in very small numbers.
Group 7Webshop, where you can buy the danish produced DMC decals.
Grand Prix ModelsEnglish shop with an enormous selction of models and kits. They publish a magazine - Four Small Wheels - with news from the model world.
MafmaWebportal specialized in kits from french manufactures.
RacelandGerman shop with a large selection of models.
ModelissimoGerman shop with a large selection of models.
Racing Car ShopEnglish shop that quite often has some good offers.
EWAUS shop with models, car books, DVD's and much, much more.
Ebay Tyskland
Ebay England
Ebay USA
The German eBay is in my opinion the best when you are hunting models of danish racecars. You can - almost - find everything, if you want to pay. You should be a little carefull at eBay. My rules are: Only buy from sellers with a lot of positive feedback. NEVER buy if the pictures of the model are bad. If the seller does not bother to supply a decent picture there is a strong possibility he does not bother with anything at all.
QXL The danish version of eBay. Some rarities pop up here now and then. You have to be a bit careful similar to eBay.


Links to see what other people manage that you cannot do yourself - yet. And then a place where you can buy EVERYTHING for building models.

Automotive ForumsForum for model builders to show their models and - not least - tell how they built them. Some of the guy here are seriously good and they do not hide anything.
SlotforumForum for slot racers. But the subjects "Master classes" and especially "Scratch building" often shows building a slotcar from almost nothing. Here you can really learn something. Some projects begins with cutting the shape from a piece of wood and then cast the body and the necessary parts.
MicromarkUS shop with all kinds of tools for modelling. It is very entertaining to study all the strange tools.


Some sites with lots of racing pictures.

Motorsport.comSite with an enormous photo archive. You can search the archive for the name of a driver. Thousands of pictures - also of danish drivers.
Racing Sports CarsA site that wants to show a picture of every car that has ever started a sports car race. A huge ambition but they are doing a pretty good job! © 2007