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Benny Simonsen

--- 2019 Spa

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Benny Simonsen - 2018 Goodwood

Birthday: 28-12-1983

Benny Simonsen will probably always have a shadow of his brother, Allan Simonsen who was tragically killed at Le Mans in 2013, hanging over him. But it makes sense to mention Allan Simonsen when talking about Benny Simonsen because they have had very similar carreer paths.

After racing karts in Denmark Benny went abroad and - just as his brother - he quietly made himself a name in endurance- and GT-racing far from Denmark. It has gone completly under the radar in Denmark where even the decicated motorsport press rarely have mentioned him. Something Benny very modest take blame for himself. "I have probably not been good at telling the press about what I'm doing."

But those who matters know about him. He has not - as his brother - landed a works contract, but he has got a good reputation among private teams in Asia, where he has driven for many years.

For some years he has also been testing for a car manufacturer not known for racing - Rolls Royce. He has been testing the Rolls Royce 'Black Badge' editions to make sure the handling of the big cars was a performance car worthy. In 2018 he demonstrated a Dawn 'Black Badge' at Festival of Speed at Goodwood and he really got the attention of the speakers when he threw the big car up the hill.

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