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...are available in all sizes. The most common scales begins at 1:87 - known from model railroads - where a good selection of quite detailled model racecars can be found. At the other end of the range you find 1:8 model cars, which are almost more detailled than the real car. Of course even bigger - or smaller - models exist, but then we are really talking about specialities.

My collection consists of 1:43 models. This size is a good compromise of space needed for the models a details at the model. As an example you can easily read the name of the driver, which is an important issue when it is cars of danish drivers that I collect.

Thousands of 1:43 models are on the market. Some of the largest and most well known manufactures are names as: Minichamps , Spark and IXO . Combined they offer plenty of models driven by danish drivers. During the last 10-15 years the quality of the models have improved very much and the manufactures mentioned are all way above the toy level.

John Nielsens LeMans winning Jaguar from 1990. There is almost 400 parts in the kit!

But if you really want detailed models you have to turn to smaller specialized companies. Especially in France and Italy several companies offer handbuilt models of almost any racecar you can imagine. You can buy built models - or you can by a kit, if you are brave enough to try to build it yourself.

And I really mean "if you are brave"! Patience and model building skills are needed in large amounts. Some kits consist of more than 300 tiny parts that must be cleaned, assembled and painted. Remember that they all go together to create a model that is just 3-4 inches long. Such a kit, built by an expert, is no less than a work of art - and the price is also the price of art!

Fortunately there are many levels between the mass produces model and the exclusive kit. Many decalsheets with sponsorlogos that are available and armed with those you can change a model to exactly the version you want. This is not that hard and models you have modified yourself will gain a special status in your collection. © 2007