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Jens Chr. Anker

--- 2000 Monte Carlo

--- 2001 Corte Ingles

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Jens Chr. Anker - 2000

Birthday:December 25th, 1961

Jens Chr. Anker began his motorsport career at two wheels as a moto cross driver. But 4-wheeled competition was more exiting and already before he had his driving license he competed as a co-driver in road rallying. When the driving license was secured Jens Chr. Anker to the wheel himself, but without immediate succes. The first rally ended at the roof with all 4 wheels in the air after 7 stages.

After a few years Jens Chr. Anker returned to the codriver seat and now his career took off. At the end of the 1980's he was a part of the danish juniorrallyteam and with them he won to silver medails in the European Junior Rally Team Championship in 1988 and 1990.

From 1995 and onwards Jens Chr. Anker teamed up with Jørgen Pilgaard and beside their rally activities the pair operated as gravel crew for Henrik Lundgaard at World Championship rallies. When Freddy Pedersen - codriver for Lundgaard - in 1999 damaged his back during the recce for the Rally Ypres, Jens Chr. Anker stood in as a replacement and he kept the seat for the following years. Together with Lundgaard he won the European Rally Championship in 2000 winning 5 of the rallies. In 2001 the pair participated in the World Rally Championship and they won the Teams Cup.

At the end of 2001 Henrik Lundgaard switched to circuit racing and that left Jens Chr. Anker without a driver. Since then he has operated as a mechanic for his two sons who are karting. In between he has also acted as a stand in if a rally driver has been in need of a highly qualified codriver. © 2007