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Welcome » my little corner of the internet. The first seed for "Danskerbiler" (Danish cars) was sown the 29th of april 2000. Exactly that day - but I did not know then. That day I was at the Le Mans circuit. It was the test day for the 24 hour race and that was when I saw the Panoz the danish driver, John Nielsen, should drive in the race. That was a real "Danish Car" with the danish flag painted all over the car.

That car kickstarted something I had surpressed for many years. I have always been fascinated by 1:43 diecasts. But I also knew that if I bought just one it could well be the beginning of a huge collection. But I simply had to buy the "Den Blå Avis" Panoz! And if I limited myself to buy models of cars driven by danish drivers the collection could not grow too much.

Ooh, how naive I was! It did not take long to find quite a few models fitting the bill. Soon I also discovered a new world of small companies offering kits and handbuilts, and that was when my collection really took off. The size of the collection quickly passed the 100-mark and I have a huge amount of kits waiting for my building skills to improve.

Unfortunately I do not have room to display all the models. They are stacked away in a cupboard - and I think that is a pity. Thus I have created this homepage. Here I can show all my models to please myself and - I hope - anybody with an interest for danish racedrivers. Take a look around - I hope you like what you see.

Number of models: 344
Number of kits: 49


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June 10th 2021

1974 ISO Williams added under:
Tom Belsø 1974

March 20th 2021

2020 Porsche added under:
Michael Christensen 2020

March 20th 2021

2020 Aurus added under:
Mikkel Jensen 2020

March 19th 2021

2019 Porsche added under:
Benny Simonsen 2019

Januar 9th 2021

1992 Toyota added under:
Tom Kristensen 1992

Januar 9th 2021

2019 Porsche added under:
Michael Christensen 2019

Januar 9th 2021

1976 Brabham added under:
Jac Nellemann 1976

Januar 9th 2021

2019 Honda added under:
Christina Nielsen 2019
Jens Reno Møller 2019

November 19th 2020

2019 Aston Martin added under:
Nicolaj Møller Madsen 2019

November 19th 2020

2019 BMW added under:
Mikkel Jensen 2019

November 19th 2020

2020 Haas added under:
Kevin Magnussen 2020

November 10th 2020

2012 Audi added under:
Tom Kristensen 2012

November 10th 2020

2016 Ferrari added under:
Christina Nielsen 2016
Johnny Laursen 2016
Mikkel Mac 2016

November 10th 2020

2017 Audi added under:
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