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Jason Watt - DTC 2007

Birthday: 24-2-1970

Jason Watt began his motorsport career in karting where he won the Danish Championship in 1985.

After he graduated to single-seaters his career took off in England. In 1994 he won the British Championship in Formula Ford and the icing on the cake was a victory in the prestigious Formula Ford Festival. In 1995 he won the European Formula Opel Lotus Championship.

In 1996 Jason Watt competed in the ITC but without much succes. He returned to single seaters and was during 1997-1999 one of the frontrunners in the FIA Formula 3000 Championship. Several victories and placings as 3rd, 4th and second in the Championship lead to Jason Watt's name being mentioned as a possible Formula 1 driver

But we never saw Jason Watt in Formula 1. At the end of 1999 Jason Watt crashed at a motorbike and broke his back. The whole of Denmark followed him fighting for his life at the hospital. He survived but was paralysed from the chest down and he would have to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

However, Jason Watt did not give up his racing career. He wanted to drive again and - amazingly - already in 2000 he drove in the Danish Touringcar Championship in a hand controlled Peugeot 306 and later in the year he also drove a few sportscar races in no less than a hand controlled Panoz LMP!

At this time everybody in Denmark followed Jason Watt - both at and off the racetracks. His charming personality and his fight to get back behind the wheel of a racecar made him very popular and the whole of Denmark celebrated with him when he won the Danish Touringcar Championship in 2002. I was present when he won his first race and when he took the championship and it was two very emotional moments. I have never seen such a support for anybody - the whole racetrack was an earthquake of applause.

Since then he has been competing in the Danish Touringcar Championship and has also occasionally participated in a few races outside Denmark. But he has not succeeded in returning to the international racing scene.

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