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David Heinemeier Hansson

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David Heinemeier Hansson - Le Mans 2019
Foto: Morten Alstrup

Birthday: 15-10-1979

David Heinemeier Hansson began his motorsport carrer behind a keyboard. From arround year 2000 and forward he established himself in the IT-world and his success here enabled him to follow his passion for motorsport.

This led to him driving in sportscar races all over the world - mainly in the World Championship and in IMSA in the USA - with the 24 hours race at Le Mans being part of his schedule for many years. His results has led to him being known inside the motorsport world as an attractive driver in categories where driver crews have to consist of a mixture of Pro/Am drivers. Here David Heinemeier Hansson is among the best in the Am-category.

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