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Jens-Ole Kristiansen

--- 1981 Sachs Winter Rallye

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Jens-Ole Kristiansen

Birthday: 15-9-1950

Jens-Ole Kristiansen took his first step in motorsport riding a moto-cross bike when he was 16. A serious accident put an end to his two-wheeled career, but he didn't give up competing. Instead he jumped behind the wheel of a rallycar.

And a good move it was - and I am sure many Danish rallyfans will agree. It didn't last long until he was among the best Danish rallydrivers and from 1975 to 1986 he was quite simply the driver everybody wanted to beat. Only a few succeeded - during the 11 years Jens-Ole Kristiansen won 9 Danish Championships.

In the late 1970's Jens-Ole Kristiansen participated in a few World Championship rallies. Rallye Monte Carlo was a very popular rally among Danish drivers, but instead Jens-Ole Kristiansen chose the British RAC-Rally and - very exotic for a Danish driver in those days - the Acropolis Rally. Both very demanding rallies with a reputation as car breakers. But Jens-Ole Kristiansen made it to the finish in both rallies. A remarkable effort from a small privat team running a stock Opel Kadett GT/E.

Later Jens-Ole Kristiansen drove more purpose-built rallycars as Ascona 400, Manta 400 and Peugeot 205 T16. During those years even a young Juha Kankkunen only saw the rear lights of Jens-Ole Kristiansen Ascona 400, when the Finn participated in a Danish rally.

Jens-Ole Kristiansen also tried circuit racing. But never seriously, even if he did race a single-seater at the Jyllands-Ringen in 1980. He even mangaged to score a single point for the Danish Championship.

After the group B cars were outlawed in 1987, Jens-Ole Kristiansen for some years built and rallied group A Peugeot's, but without extending his row of championships. But in the middle of the 1990's he prepared an Ascona 400 for the Danish group H Championship. In 1996 and 1997 he was as close to his 10th Championship as you can possibly get but on both occations it slipped between his fingers in the final rally.

After 1998 Jens-Ole Kristiansen retired from rallying but he has not been able to quit completely. Sometimes he still turns up and drives in rallysprints.

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