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Jan Magnussen - DTC 2007

Birthday:July 4th, 1973

Jan Magnussen's debut in motorsport came in karting in 1984. During the following years it became obvious that he was an exceptional talent. Danish Champion 1985-86, Junior World Champion 1987 and 1989 and World Champion 1990 - a CV like that generates great expectations.

After Jan Magnussen graduated to single-seaters it did not last long before he was rated among the best. In 1994 he won the british Formula 3 Championship with a record 14 victories from 18 races. The previous record holder was no other than Ayrton Senna!

The door to Formula 1 was open and Jan Magnussen teamed up with McLaren. Already in 1995 he got his first chance. He substituted for Mika Hakkinen at the Pacific GP. McLaren did not have one of its best years in 1995 and a 10. place in his debut was well done.

During 1995 Jan Magnussen also did the DTM and ITC for McLaren's engine supplier, Mercedes. But even if he ended up as second in the ITC, he did not like driving the large touring cars and he was happy to get the opportunity to participate in a few Champ Car races in 1996.

The relationship between McLaren and Jan Magnussen did not work out and thus it seemed perfect that his old team from Formula 3, Stewart Racing, entered Formula 1 in 1997 and wanted Jan Magnussen as a driver together with Rubens Barichello. But that did not work out either. The team endured a lot of teething troubles and it seemed as if Jan Magnussen got more than his share of them. Very often he parked his Stewart at the trackside with a smoking engine. In 1998 he was sacked halfway through the year - ironically just aften he, as the first dane ever, had earned his first World Championship point in the Canada GP.

Since then Jan Magnussen has rebuilt his career in prototypes and GT-racers. First at Panoz and since at General Motors. He has won several class victories at the LeMans 24 Hours behind the wheel of a Chevrolet Corvette.

In Denmark Jan Magnussen has participated in the Danish Touringcar Championship, which he won in 2003 and he is always followed by many very colourfull fans. © 2007