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Christoffer Nygaard

--- 2010 FIA GT3

--- 2010 Le Mans

--- 2012 Le Mans

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Christoffer Nygaard - 2010 Le Mans
Foto: Morten Alstrup

Birthday: 24-3-1986

Christoffer Nygaard began racing karts in 2001. In 2004 the came thrid in the nordic Formula A championship and after that he made a switch to cars.

Most young kart racers switch to single-seaters but Christoffer Nygaard instead raced touringcars in Germany for a few years before he in 2009 got involved in sportscar racing.

Soon after - in 2010 - he got involved in the Aston Martin 'Young Driver' scheme and this led to a seat in 'the Danish' Aston Martin in 2013 and he drove at Le Mans and in the World Championship.

At the eve of the 2016 season Christoffer Nygaard realised, that he would no longer be a part of the team in the WEC races - and soon after it became clear, that he also would not race for Aston Martin at Le Mans. Since then he has not raced in international GT series but he continued handling fast cars as testdriver for Koenigsegg.

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