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Jens Winther - 1973

Birthday: 25-12-1938

Jens Winther made himself a part of danish motorsport history already before he began racing. But he didn't know. As far back as 1953 a very young Jens Winther was allowed to practice at his motorbike in an abandoned gravel pit outside Roskilde. It did not go unnoticed what the young boy did and others saw what could be done with the abandoned area. The first danish racetrack, Roskilde Ring, was born.

In between Jens Winther had become old enough to race cars and he became a part of the motorsport environment created arround Roskilde Ring. His best result during those years was a Danish Championship in Formula 3 in 1962 driving a Cooper-Norton.

Several years passed before Jens Winther again could call himself Danish Champion. This time it was in a car that was as far away from the little Formula 3 Cooper as possible - A BMW 2800 CS preprared after the group 2 regulations. In this car he was champion in 1971 and runner up in 1972.

Then followed a few years in Formula Ford before Jens Winther gradually turned his attention towards the classic rallies. Especially those that required a large amount of endurance such as the Acropolis, Tour d'Europe and of course Rallye Monte Carlo. His best results were a general victory in Tour d'Europe 1980 (BMW 323i) and 4th placings in the same rally in 1977 (Ford Escort RS2000) and 1981 (BMW 320i).

Whenever the talk falls upon endurance and motorracing, the LeMans 24 Hours race pops up. This race worked its magic upon Jens Winther and in 1983 he became the first danish driver to participate at LeMans. He retired, but he wanted more and from 1984 to 1986 he contested the LeMans 24 Hours with his own team. The reward came in 1986 when the team went to the finish for the first time. They ended up as a very respectable 11th - which also was second in the C2-category.

This result was the peak of Jens Winther's motorsport career. He has not returned to Le Mans and has not obtained any other international results since. Here is a man who stopped when he was at his peak.

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