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Nicolai Kjærgaard

--- 2020 Spa 24H

--- 2021 Spa 24H

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Birthday: 29-7-1999

Nicolai Kjærgaard began karting when he was 7 years old and after plenty of karting - topped with a Danish Championship in 2013 - he switched to singleseaters in 2016.

He went straight for racing outside of Denmark and drove F4 and later F3 in England, where he came second in the British F3 Championship in 2018. 15-20 years ago such a result would have marked him as a promising talent at the F1 talent scouts, but in 2018 the British F3 Championship had dropped of the ladder to F1 and it turned out to be difficult to continue in singleseaters.

But in 2020 another opportunity came up when Nicolai became a part of the Bentley Motorsport Academy. Unfortunately only for a year as Bentley closed its motorsport activities after 2020.

Nicolai has continued racing GT cars and switched to Aston Martin for 2021.

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