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Anders Fjordbach

--- 2016 Nürburgring 24H

--- 2016 Spa 24H

--- 2019 Le Mans

--- 2020 Le Mans

--- 2021 Le Mans

--- 2023 Le Mans

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Anders Fjordbach - Le Mans 2018
Foto: Morten Alstrup

Birthday: 4-11-1990

Anders Fjordbach began racing touring cars in Denmark in 2007 and spent a few years in the minor categories until he in 2009 started up racing abroad.

However, a huge crash at Oschersleben in Germany in 2009 meant that he lost his passion for racing and it was not until 2012 he again took up racing. At first to avoid losing his licence - but the passion returned and in 2013 he entered the DTC, which at that time was the prime championship in Denmark.

Aside racing in the DTC for the next years he again tried his luck outside Denmark, racing for several teams in long distance races. He took some class victories but it lasted until 2016, when he began racing for the Danish team High Class Racing, that his career took a step up.

Racing in the ELMS for some years led to his first race at Le Mans in 2019.

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