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Freddy Pedersen

--- 1995 Monte Carlo

--- 1997 Monte Carlo

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Freddy Pedersen - Rally Madeira 2003

Birthday:August 1st, 1950

Freddy Pedersen has been into rallying since the early 1970's. In the beginning he was behind the wheel, but later he changed to the co-driver seat and it is as a co-driver he is known in Denmark.

He has won 5 Danish Championships in rally. The first one was together with Leif Poulsen and he was followed by Henrik Lundgaard (2 championships), Jørgen Pilgaard and Ib Kragh. Despite the many championships I regard a 6th place as Freddy Pedersens most remarkable result. That 6th place was in the Monte Carlo Rally 1997 where he - together with Henrik Lundgaard - became the first danes to earn a point in the World Rally Championship. © 2007