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Lars Erik Nielsen

--- 2003 GTP Trophy

--- 2004 Le Mans

--- 2005 Le Mans

--- 2006 Le Mans

--- 2007 Le Mans

--- 2008 Le Mans

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Lars Erik Nielsen

Birthday: 1-1-1951

Lars Erik Nielsen - or Lars Hjulspind (Wheelspin), as he is nicknamed - is driving in international GT-races and is quite succesfull.

In the middle of the 1980'e he drove a few years in Sports 2000 prototypes, but since then nobody heard anything about him until he popped up in a Porsche Carrera GT3 in a few Carrera Cup races - mainly in Germany.

In 2004 he raised his game and enterede the blue ribband long distance races - Daytona and Le Mans. Furthermore he participated in several other shorter distance GT-races.

His best result is a second place in GT2 at Le Mans 2006. A broken gearshift stole a certain victory from him and his team only a few hours from the finish. But the second place was by no means a lucky coincident. This was proved in 2007 where he once more entered the podium at Le Mans. This time as third in GT2.

Number of models: 7
Number of kits: 1 © 2007