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Lars Erik Nielsen

--- 2003 GTP Trophy

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Type: Porsche 996 GT3-RSR
Drivers: Lars Erik Nielsen, Allan Simonsen, Pierre Ehret
Race: 2007 24h Le Mans
Result: Number 21 general - Number 3 in GT2


Lars Erik Nielsen and his codrivers had a good start at the Le Mans 24 Hour race and went from fifth in qualifying to leading the GT2 category within an hour. They lost the lead a few hours later but remained among the toprunners during the night. But early Sunday morning they had to use 15 minutes in the pit repairing the right side of the front and from then it was a battle for reaching the finish. The car had to be repaired in the pit several times during the Sunday but in the end the team was rewarded with thrid in the GT2 category.

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Manufacturer: Minichamps
Model ID: 400 076793 © 2007