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Mike Legarth

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Mike Legarth
Foto: Morten Alstrup

Birthday: 23-3-1960

Mike Legarth was introduced to motor racing in an early age as his father was both a racing driver and the owner of the Ring Djursland race track in the middle of the sixties. But he also encountered the dark side of motor racing as his father was killed in a tragic accident at his home track, Ring Djursland, in 1967.

Still Mike Legarth found his way into motor racing and for several years he was a participant in the DTC-championship, which was the major racing series in Denmark in the years after the millenium. He had his own team and in 2004 he won the DTC Cup for privateers.

At the same time he had a career in politics as a mayor in his hometown, Vamdrup. But in 2007 he was elected to the Danish Parliament and his motor racing was put on a hold. After some years he made a comeback in historical racing and he has since been racing sporadically but has also been involved in organizing races as a director of the Classic Race Aarhus.

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