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Mikkel Jensen

--- 2018 ADAC GT

--- 2019 Spa 24H

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Type: BMW M6 GT3
Drivers: Mikkel Jensen, Nick Catsburg, Christian Krognes
Race: 2019 24 Hours of Spa
Result: Number 11


Mikkel Jensen drove for Walkenhorst Motorsport in the Spa 24H 2019 and that race was a huge challenge. At Spa the weather has often been a factor and in 2019 it was wet - very, very wet. So wet that the race had to be suspended for almost 6 hours.

The team did well and was as high as second place in the race but near the end they dropped back a bit. They reached the chequered flag, though, and it was the first time Mikkel Jensen finished a 24 hour race.

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Manufacturer: Spark
Model ID: SB257 © 2007