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Type: Haas VF-20
Driver: Kevin Magnussen
Race: 2020 Formula 1 ( 17 races)
Result: Number 19 (1 point)


2020 became the worst year in Formula 1 for Kevin Magnussen - and it was also his last year. Already from the beginning of the tests it was obvious that the car was not up to much and the Ferrari engine was not as powerfull as it had been the previous year. However Kevin did show his potential in some races and in the Hungarian Grand Prix he managed to land the only point of the year for him and the team. A gamble at slick tyres at a wet track created an oportunity and he grabbed it with both hands. But it was not enough to secure his future in the team.

The Models »

Manufacturer: Minichamps
Model ID: 417 200020

This model shows Kevin Magnussens races as it looked when it was presented ahead of the 2020 campaign.

Manufacturer: Minichamps
Model ID: 417 200120

This model shows Kevin Magnussens racer as it looked when the season finally began in Austria - more than 4 months after the pre-season tests. The differences compared to the launch version are very small - the onboard camera is yellow, a 'We race as one' logo is added at the inside of the rear wing and the BlueDEF logos are slightly altered.

Manufacturer: Minichamps
Model ID: 417 200220

This model shows the car that Kevin Magnussen drove to 18th place in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. At the time, everyone thought it was his last Grand Prix, but luckily we got wiser. The race was also the 100th Grand Prix for the Haas team, which was marked with a special decoration of the car. © 2007