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Kevin Magnussen - Jyllandsringen 2009
Foto: Jokum Tord Larsen

Birthday: 5-10-1992

Kevin Magnussen was destined for Formula 1. When he was born, his father - Jan Magnussen - was building his racing career in England and when Kevin was 2 years old, Jan drove his first race in Formula 1 for McLaren. At the same time, Kevin drove a go-cart for the first time.

It was no surprise that Kevin some years later started winning national and international go-cart races. When 15 he switched to cars and won the Danish Formula Ford Championship in his first attempt. At the same time another important step towards Formula 1 was taken. While Jan Magnussen drove for McLaren, Kevin Magnussen had received a birthday greeting from Ron Dennis - jokingly requesting him to '..give me a call, if you turn out to be as fast as your father'. As requested Ron Dennis was contacted and a meeting was set up.

During the following years McLaren kept an eye at Kevin Magnussen and he soon became a part of the McLaren young driver developement program. The results were good and a championship in Formula Renault 3.5 in 2013 led to a Formula 1 debut for McLaren in 2014.

And what a debut - Kevin Magnussen came third in his first race and this later turned into second place due to a disqualification. But that turned out to be the peak for 2014 - the McLaren was not really competitive and there were no further podiums. At the end of the year Kevin Magnussen was degraded to reserve driver to make room for Fernando Alonso.

In 2016 he switched team to Renault where he stayed for one year before finally securing a multi year deal for Haas. This turned out to be a good move and for several seasons he has been the best Haas driver.

By driving for the 3 teams in just 4 years Kevin Magnussen became the only driver having used engines from all 4 Formula 1 engine suppliers.

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