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Type: Haas VF-22
Driver: Kevin Magnussen
Race: 2022 Formula 1 ( 22 races)
Result: Number 13 (25 point)


Kevin Magnussen drove for Haas in F1 in 2022 - something he really shouldn't have done at all. In fact, he had made fun of Haas on social media when he compared their car to the Herbie Beetle (due to its white-red-blue livery). But then the team's Russian driver and sponsors fell out after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the team needed a new driver at short notice.

Team boss Günter Steiner obviously had a good sense of humour, because he picked up the phone and Kevin Magnussen was offered the seat. Then 'Herbie' was OK - and the livery had also been changed so that the resemblance was no longer there.

Magnussen was back in F1 with all guns blazing when he drove to 5th place in the debut at Bahrain. But as the season progressed the Haas fell further and further towards the back end of the field and it was far between appearences in the sharp end of the field.

An exception, however, was the penultimate race in Brazil, where Kevin Magnussen sensationally put the car on pole position after an excellent effort during qualifying on a wet track.

The Model »

Manufacturer: Minichamps
Model ID: 417 220120

The model shows the car as it looked at the race in Bahrain - where Kevin Magnussen got the best result of the year. © 2007