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Christian Bakkerud

--- 2009 Le Mans

--- 2010 Le Mans

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Type: Audi R10 TDI
Drivers: Christian Bakkerud, Christijan Albers, Oliver Jarvis
Race: 2010 24h Le Mans
Result: Retired


For a long time it looked really good for Christian Bakkerud and his team in Le Mans 2010. Not driving a factory car meant they did not dream of a victory, but during the race they were fighting har for the positions just outside the podium.

All until a few hours before the finish. Then the gearbox cried enough and they had to retire the car.

It was the last race for Christian Bakkerud. He also retired and focussed at his life outside the race track.

The Model »

Manufacturer: IXO
Model ID: LMM191 © 2007