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Christina Nielsen

--- 2013 Nürburgring 24H

--- 2016 Le Mans

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Type: Ferrari 458 Italia GT2
Drivers: Christina Nielsen, Johnny Laursen, Mikkel Mac
Race: 2016 24h Le Mans
Result: Number 35 general - Number 6 i GTEAm


Christina Nielsen, Johnny Laursen, Mikkel Mac and the whole Formula Racing team did their first Le Mans 24H in 2016. And they did very well for a debutant team.

Qualifying yielded 7th in GTEAm but they had the potential to go faster, which they showed in the race. However during the 24 hours the team had their share of problems. Worst was when a wheel left the car shortly after a pitstop leaving Mikkel Mac with the task to drive the car a whole lap back to the pit at 3 wheels.

Late in the race the team fought some strange vibrations in the car. They never managed to solve the problem completely, but still they finished 6th in class.

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Manufacturer: LookSmart
Model ID: LSLM036 © 2007