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Christina Nielsen

--- 2013 Nürburgring 24H

--- 2016 Le Mans

--- 2017 IMSA

--- 2017 Le Mans

--- 2018 Le Mans

--- 2019 FIA Motorsport Games

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Type: Honda NSX GT3
Drivers: Christina Nielsen, Jens Reno Møller
Race: 2019 FIA Motorsport Games GT Cup
Result: Withdrawn from the main race (Number 2 in qual race 1 - Number 15 in qual race 2)Result


Christina Nielsen and Jens Reno Møller were the Danish participators in the GT3 Cup in 2019 FIA Motorsport Games. And the pair would turn out to be a very qualified bid for Danish medals.

During a chaotic first qualification race that was redflagged for a while due to heavy rain the pair stormed through the field and Christina Nielsen was able to take the lead shortly after the redflag stoppage. In the final stages she had to give up the lead, but second place was an excellent start for the Danes.

Unfortunately the second qualification race did not turn out well. Again the race was marred by heavy rain and Christina Nielsen only did two laps without a safety car before the race was stopped. Before the restart Jens Reno Møller took over the driving, but late in the race he collided with a competitor and spun leaving him at 15th place at the finish.

Worse was that the cooling system had been damaged in the collision and this meant the engine had overheated. The damage was so bad, that the team had to withdraw from the main race, where they were supposed to start from 6th position and thus would have had the possibility to fight for medals.

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Manufacturer: Spark
Model ID: S6321 © 2007