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Holger Helle

--- 1993 Monte Carlo

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Type: Ford Escort RS Cosworth
Drivers: Holger Helle and Karsten Richardt
Race: 1993 Rally Monte Carlo
Result: Number 28


The Rally Monte Carlo was the first rally Holger Helle and Karsten Richardt drove in their completely new Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Some debut for a small privateer team, but the car ran faultlessly all the way to the finish. The team was close to enter the top 20, but at the final day they dropped back. A puncture at a stage turned into a time consuming affair as they could not get the jack under the car. A small problem that can occur, when you have a completely new car.

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Manufacturer: Starter
Model ID: ---


The kit has to be modified slightly to build a correct model of Holger Helle and Karsten Richardts car. The kit has roof vents at the body, but the danish car did not have those. © 2007